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Psychedelic Integration Circle

Cultivate community connection along your healing  journey!  Erin Atkinson, holistic psychotherapist, offers a safe container for psychedelic explorers to share and process experiences with expanded states of consciousness, and learn more about the healing potential of psychedelics.

These circles will open with introductions and intention setting, group agreements, and gratitude.  Erin will offer education on expanded states of consciousness, the mind-body-spirit connection, and an open floor for group sharing and support. Whether you are new to psychedelics or an experienced journeyer, you are welcome here! 

$20 per participant

Third Wednesday of Each Month


*This is a psycho-education and support group, not a clinical therapy service.  Please note, there will be no administering or consumption of plants, medicines or substances at this event.  This gathering is purely to connect with others, process and share past experiences.  Prism Wellness and Erin Atkinson do not condone nor encourage any use of illegal substances.*