Therapy and Integration for the Mind, Body, and Spirit


We are so glad you have come across our practice in your journey toward growth and reflection.  All are welcome here.  Finding the right fit in a therapist is vital to creating a safe space where this work and evolution can take place.

Do you sometimes feel like you are playing a part, rather than embracing and expressing your authentic self? You may feel uncomfortable in your own skin, self-conscious, or like you are not "enough."

Life circumstances, societal pressures, past trauma, depression, and anxiety can all create obstacles to experiencing inner peace, trust, and confidence. Together, we can work through these obstacles to help you connect with a deeper sense of well-being, and become more present in your daily life.

“Working through trauma can teach us so much wisdom and can reveal the beauty of our existence that, because of trauma, we had lost sight of.”
 -Gabor Mate

Our clinicians have a broad range of knowledge, which will help me support you through your life’s challenges. Whether you are new to therapy, or looking to expand on what you have already learned - we will meet you where you are in this journey. Please visit the About-Meet Us page to learn more about our clinicians.  We look forward to the privilege of meeting you!

Compassionate & Professional

You are valued, just as you are. You can trust that we will treat you with respect, dignity and compassion in every interaction, while maintaining the highest standards for integrity and ethics.

Don't Wait to Get the Help You Need

Holistic Mental Health

Prism Wellness

In therapy, our clinicians offer a non-judgmental, safe space where you can unapologetically be yourself. We have expertise is in treating trauma, specifically family and intimate partner abuse, resolving anxiety, depression, and self-doubt that may arise during life transitions, and exploring the role of substances in one's life. We maintain a broad range of knowledge and skills, which allow us to support you through your life's challenges. Most importantly, we support everyone through a holistic mind, body, spirit lens which allows for deep understanding and healing.