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Jeremy Brenneman


Jeremy believes that healing, growth and change come from an understanding of what it means to be human- body, mind and spirit. You are human, with all the splendor, sadness, joy and pain that brings. Through the counseling process with Jeremy, you will develop skills to accept/deal with things that you cannot control (i.e. sensations, thoughts, feelings, memories, other people etc.) in different ways. You will gain a better understanding of your values and how to take committed actions based on them, which provides you with direction/purpose. All of these efforts will help you build a richer, fuller, more meaningful life. This is your counseling, you are in the driver’s seat. Jeremy can help you develop the tools to navigate your life more effectively and more meaningfully.

Jeremy has over 20 years experience in working with adolescents and adults who struggle with substance use, depression, anxiety, trauma as well as the battles we all face in being human in a sometimes inhuman world. Jeremy’s approach is inclusive and welcoming, providing a safe space for all fellow humans. He combines humor, empathy and metaphor to make the complexities of how the mind/body work relatable and easy to understand. Jeremy utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well other strengths based, humanistic approaches to help you move toward being fully you and living the life you truly want to live.

Jeremy is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, National Certified Counselor and a Board Approved Supervisor. He earned his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Frostburg State University. Jeremy earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Communication from Juniata College. He has completed courses in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, trauma informed care, mindfulness and holistic counseling.

Jeremy sees clients via Telehealth!