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Theresa Porter


Theresa sees clients via Telehealth! 

Theresa is a compassionate, gentle, and empathetic individual whose main goal is to help people understand that they aren’t alone. She is of the belief that none of us should feel like we have to just “power through” difficult situations or traumas by ourselves. Life can get messy and complicated for all of us, but there are ways to navigate through that don’t include suffering alone.

Theresa understands that it can take courage to ask for the support needed, and she has the utmost respect for anyone who does reach out. She strives to create a safe and accepting space for all those who enter her therapy room. She listens to her clients without judgement and, if desired, helps them discover new coping strategies and ways of thinking about their lives. This safe space is created by Theresa’s integration of knowledge and experience with issues such as somatic experiencing, healing from sexual violence, spiritual questioning and exploration, pregnancy and postpartum issues, and LGBTQ+ issues.

Theresa assists her clients in reclaiming themselves – mind, body, and soul. She believes these three aspects exist in unison and one is constantly affecting the other. She helps her clients to create balance within themselves, understanding that this will look different for everyone. Another crucial aspect to Theresa’s work is her acknowledgement of her own biases and privileges. She believes these are important factors to consider when providing therapy.

Theresa obtained her Bachelor of Social Work with a minor in Sociology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2019, and went on to complete her Master of Social Work at the Catholic University of America in 2021. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has completed courses and training in psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, ethics, sociology of religion, and social work with immigrants and refugees. Theresa is also bilingual in English and Spanish.