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Nicole Tripp


Nicole (she/her pronouns) is a social worker born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up in a working class family and was the first to graduate from college. Her therapeutic approach is trauma-informed, intersectional, and informed by her lived experience as a queer, nonbinary person with “disabilities” that include ADHD and chronic pain. She is also a parent, artist, and nature-fanatic. She primarily works with adults of all ages experiencing anxiety and depression, and hopes to start working with adolescents again in the near future.

Nicole’s work with clients involves looking at how society impacts the expectations we place on ourselves, looking at patterns of how we relate to one another, and finding an internal safe space when an external one is not available. She believes that our relationships (with ourselves and others) are the most important factor in growth and healing, and that healing in isolation is a myth. Her methods include talk therapy, creative therapy, mindfulness, basic somatic practice, memes, and, hopefully, a lot of laughter. Together with her clients, she wants to celebrate the fact that our flaws do not make us unworthy, and she wants to celebrate the amazing humans that her clients already are.

Nicole received her Masters in Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work, which has an anti-racism and clinical focus. Her past experience includes residential treatment, college counseling, and counseling/case management with adults living with HIV.

If you’re here reading her profile or the profiles of the other amazing therapists at Prism, she wants you to know that you are already doing such important and courageous work. If you think she’d be a good match, reach out to her ( or through the website to schedule a consultation.

“Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have. ” – Arthur Ashe

Nicole sees clients at Baltimore location, and via Telehealth!