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Kandyce Jones


Kandyce believes therapy is a soft landing place where you feel seen, express and process emotions, and develop the tools to live a liberated life. Life can present a host of challenges that may make it difficult for us to thrive but this does not have to be your truth. Many of these challenges may have even existed before you were born, which has been described as intergenerational trauma.

Kandyce's aim as a practitioner is to meet you where you are on your path to self discovery and healing. She uses a Humanistic - Existential, Womanist framework and utilizes techniques from CBT, ACT and Narrative therapy modalities. She believes everyone has the power within to live a healthy and well balanced life. Through a multicultural lens, talk therapy is used to build a therapeutic relationship, develop personal awareness and develop life changing skills. Kandyce encourages wellness that allows for creativity, personal development, healthy relationships, self compassion and sustainability, and purpose.

She specializes in working with grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety, and depression. She also supports individuals who have experienced childhood trauma, relationships issues and attachment wounds, parenting issues, academic stressors, women's issues and those seeking self discovery.