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Chelsea Nicole


Chelsea Nicole is a trauma-informed individual therapist who is especially passionate about working with the LGBTQIA+ community. She primarily works with adults of all sexual and gender identities, relationship statuses and practices, and other intersectional backgrounds.

Chelsea especially enjoys using Internal Family Systems (IFS, or “Parts Work”) in sessions, though understands everyone’s experiences and goals — and therefore the approach and needs for therapy — will be very different. Chelsea has also been formally trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and has attended multiple queer-focused trainings and conferences. Her background and specialties have led to her overall belief that regardless of whether or not someone identifies as queer or is suffering from a traumatic event, everyone deserves an affirming, open-minded, and safe space to heal.

Chelsea does not fit the traditional image of a therapist—she is likely to take her shoes off and sit cross-legged, use silly metaphors, or use relative examples and stories to relate to an experience. Yet, she also knows how and when to honor the importance of just being present when processing through something difficult or painful. If you are struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, adjusting to new life changes, or relationship conflicts, Chelsea is here to support you. Whether you are starting therapy for the first time, or have been in therapy for years — Chelsea believes that YOU are the expert of your own experience, and her role is to be a guide in this unique journey to a more authentic ‘self.’

Chelsea sees clients at our Baltimore office, and via telehealth!